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Welcome to Beans

The perfect spot to enjoy drinks and a selection of delicious offerings right on the banks of the River Jhelum. Open seasonally, with BBQ's and mocktails for a relaxed experience.

We invite you to visit Beans @ Meerz Hotel

Whether you're staying at the Meerz Hotel or looking for a unique restaurant on the riverside for dinner and mocktails, you'll discover that the Beans is the ideal destination for any occasion.

Located directly on the River Jhelum next to the river bridge  you'll find unparalleled views combined with a great vibe.

Guests daily
Professional chefs
Orders daily
Сomfortable halls

They are Ready to treat You!

Meerz Hotel maintain a reputation of excellence and superior customer service across India. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, discover luxury at its finest.

Tariq Malik

FNB Manager


Executive Chef


Restaurant Supervisor

Exceptional hospitality &
authentic flavours

We invite you to experience in detail every corner, scenery and opportunity that each hotel Meerz has to offer. Luxury is a special feeling, an experience of the ultimate standards and an indulgence worthy of the name.
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